Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lineage From Turtle Island North To Sapmi

Sami Peoples and Coast Salish Peoples possess many similar histories and cultural practises. You may follow the Goodwin line through Godwineson /son of ... via Godwin to NOE [then via the mother ; and, then consecutively by the father lineages ad infinitum through Sweden, Denmark, Thrace, Troy and to 4239 BC with Mattushalakh : 2] ... all family lines follow paths of the unexpected and are circuitous. The Goodwin / Godwinson / Godwin Lineage travels from Sami to Coast Salish via House Of Wessex (1) (Canute) (Sweyn) (Bluetooth) (Gorm) (Harthacnut) (Sigard Snake-in-the-Eye) (Ragnar) (Hring). And, it appears that there is substantial reason to link the 1066 Battle of Hastings into this mix; where Harold perished in battle as the last King of England (follow Son Of ...). BACKGROUNDER Information Peerage (2) (3) (3-B) : United Kingdom : Burke's : Rise of Wessex (4) (5) (see Map) : Medieval Lands Bibliography : Letters Patent : European Heraldry : Coat of Arms : Shield : (see Royal Family Tree) : Old Swedish History : House of Wessex : Monarchs Of Wessex : House of Godwin : Bayeux Tapestry : Facebook : History :

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